Just Because: My life in numbers…

There’s a little blog roll happening over at G*funk*ified regarding “My Life In Numbers”.  I love this concept and as such have felt compelled to write my own little list and add it to the roll… Here goes:

38 – number of years I’ve been on this earth (I’m only 37 but you have to count that first year, right?)

4 – number of primary schools I went to (one only for 2 weeks)

2 – number of high schools I attended

1 – number of universities I have studied at

6 – number of times I thought I had fallen in love during my life

3 – number of years it took being on my own to understand the importance of self-worth, self-love, and self-respect

1 – number of times I KNEW I had fallen love

5 – number of years I have loved my Handsome Fiance

11 – number of months it took us to conceive

512 – number of days our Little Man has (so far) filled our lives with sunshine

5,329 – (approx) number of times the LM has made me laugh for no particular reason

102 – (approx) number of times he has made me cry

42 – number of times per day I remind the LM to use “gentle hands”

37 – number of different solutions we tried to cure the LM’s eczema

1 – number of allergy tests it took to realise that egg and dairy were the culprits

311 – number of days since admitting I needed help for my Postnatal Depression symptoms

4 – number of people closest to me I felt I could tell straight away

83 – number of days since I’ve felt the weight of my depression may have lifted somewhat

157, 943 – (approx) number of times I have berrated myself for not being “good enough”, trying “hard enough”, or simply being “enough” for my son, family, and friends

157,944 – (approx) number of times I’ve told myself I AM enough, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks 🙂

6 –  number of therapy sessions I’ve gone to this year

2 – number of amazingly inspirational women I’ve personally met who’ve shown me the value in what I’ve so far accomplished

4 – number of words in the name of the organisation I’ve found to be the most incredible support for women experiencing perinatal mental illness… Peach. Tree. Perinatal. Wellness.

84 – (approx) number of connections I’ve made through blogging with women all over the world sharing the same PND  journey

3 – number of days per week I go to work, start my day with a “child-free” coffee, and simply “be” in an adult world

3 – number of days per week I miss the LM like crazy

1 – number of dogs we own

5 – number of times per day I ask the LM to please NOT sit on the dog

1 – number of cats we own

4 – number of times the dog thinks he can take on the cat each day… and loses!

2 – the number of tattoos I have (what?????)

And on that note, I might leave it there… This list could go on forever!

I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful day and will post again very soon.

Take care,

TSM  xx


4 thoughts on “Just Because: My life in numbers…

  1. gfunkified says:

    I love this. The resources and support we have nowadays is almost overwhelming! What I wouldn’t give for a child free coffee a few times a week. 🙂

  2. I think you’re amazing. What a wonderful post. I feel privledged & humble that you’re sharing your story with us xx

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