Helpful Steps: Closing the book…

closing the book

Closing the book is difficult… Even more so when the core thread of said book is “family”.  How do you close a book on a topic you’ve read about your entire life?  When you’ve moved from chapter to chapter, no matter how confronting the task, always wanting to read on?  Not easily, that’s for sure.  My history with this book has ebbed and flowed between moments of incredible happiness, joy, and wonder, to those of incredible self growth and development, to those of extreme sadness, disappointment, anger, and frustration.  But then that’s what books are created to do, aren’t they?  They are written to take the reader on an amazing journey of discovery… Both for the characters with whom they share the journey, and for themselves.

But let’s be honest… This book doesn’t involve “characters”.  These “characters” are members of my family.  Therefore, the book isn’t to be closed on all the characters entirely, only on a select few who have consistently maintained a negative, dramatic, exhausting, and somewhat ridiculous influence in the chapters of previous years.  So much so, the most recent chapter ended in a spectacular, explosive, over-reaction on behalf of the heroine bringing up every ounce of negativity she had worked so hard to move forward from for many years.  As readers of this particular book would appreciate, the meddlesome twosome involved had been the instigator of many drama-filled incidences the heroine could simply live without… After all, how many unnecessary grievances should one be expected to encounter before finally having enough?  With the final paragraph describing the dramatic walk-out of the heroine from a family function, this chapter was both an eye-opener and a truly tragic turn of events.  Tragic because her fall from grace had been so complete.  Tragic because she had let herself down so amazingly.  And tragic because now it was necessary to write certain characters out of main roles and delegate them to guest appearances only.   Sad?  Yes.  Disappointing?  Absolutely.  Required?  Most definitely.

Sometimes the drama certain characters bring to life stories can be exciting and thrilling, joyful and humorous, thus allowing the reader to laugh out loud in a positive way and bask in the warm glow of the events being described.  There are other times however, when such drama can impact so negatively on the lives of characters within the story readers cringe with distaste and will the dramatic characters “BE GONE!” because the story would benefit so much more without them.  Now obviously there is always a need for drama within any story, be it good or bad.  The difference herein is the way such drama is encountered by the main characters and its overall effect on the story.  If drama is often repeated, with the same characters constantly creating trouble and strife in the lives of the main characters (resulting always in negativity and emotional unrest), the story would become incredibly tedious and boring for the reader.  Particularly if nothing is being done to ensure a positive change in direction for the main characters involved.  As we all know, there is nothing worse than a plot with no direction, re-hashing the same scenarios over and over again.    It is important the story can move on, unhindered by the hefty weight of such dull, repetitious antagonism.

So that is what’s going to happen in this instance.  Certain characters will be removed from the lives of the main characters, delegated now to “guest appearance” roles thus reducing considerably their potential for dramatic impact.  This will need to be done in a careful manner as there will likely be a transition phase for other characters, an adjustment period required for them to become comfortable with the changes to the story’s current direction.  The lives of the main characters however (the heroine most especially), will be freed to explore their true potential, allowing opportunities for more positive interactions, characters, and experiences to be written into the story’s core framework.  A breath of fresh air for the characters and readers alike!

So the book is not being “closed” in the technical sense of the word, more a storyline within the book is being revised to ensure said book can be the best read it can possibly be… A story of personal trials and tribulations, self growth, love, and ultimate personal discovery to be treasured for many generations to come.  A story with which both the characters and readers themselves can be proud to say they were associated.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  I honestly can’t wait to read the next chapter…

Thank you as always for sharing in my post for today… I hope you and your family are writing a wonderful story together, strengthened by each chapter as they’re written, as it should be.

Take care,

TSM… xx


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