Mother’s Day: A time to celebrate, a time for reflection.

Sometimes it’s so difficult to celebrate being a mum, isn’t it?  When everything’s getting you down, sleep seems a thing of the past, and those endless days of feeding and changing nappies seem as though they will last forever.  Then one day, you find yourself looking back at those times and wishing you could have them all over again because the preciousness of those first, initial moments with your baby are ones never to be repeated.  Whether you’re a mum of one, or ten (or more!), I am sure every experience is different and special in it’s own unique way… We are so very lucky!

So today, I am ensuring I focus on all of the wonderful positives it takes to be a great mum, despite the many negatives that from time-to-time creep in to cloud my reality.  I find when things are at their toughest (for me personally, mentally), a good reminder of the positives comes from the LM himself: the smiles he gives me when he first wakes up in the morning; the quiet time he spends reading his books, quite content to sit by himself in his own space; the looks of pure wonderment at something new he’s discovered and wants to share with me; the giggles I hear as he plays with his toys; his uninhibited laughter when we wrestle or kick his ball in the yard; the hugs I receive for no reason at all; and finally, the beautiful gentleness of his touch while feeding him his bottle before putting him to bed.

It is all of these things and more that on a daily basis remind me I must be doing a good job.  So today, I will embrace each and every one of them, and any others that may come along!  Remembering always that even on the darkest of days, I am extremely lucky to have this LM in my life and he too is lucky to have me.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

And especially to my mum, who has been an unwavering pillar of strength throughout my life. I love you! xx